Marian Podola

Marián comes to the coffee trade and entrepreneurial world sideways, having tackled a variety of fields successfully first. As a child he was a competitive skier and swimmer in his native Czech Republic, before becoming a snowboard instructor for a number of years. His lust for adventure leads him at the age of 17 to hitchhike t o Greece, where a love of cooking sprouted. Heading to London to pursue a culinary career , he took that world by storm, working with the likes of Gordon Ramsay , Jason Atherton or staging at Heston Blumenthal ’ s development kitchen and various glitterati as a personal chef across Europe. During his culinary career Marian lead up various teams.

  • Head Chef for Omega Watch Makers Private Dinning
  • Mercedes Maclaren F1 testing weeks in Spain and UK
  • Head Chef for TAG Heure watchmakers in France and UK
  • Pop Up restaurants for Jaguar and Land Rover in France and UK
  • Senior Sous Chef at 1 Michelin Star Maze by Gordon Ramsay
  • Staging Saucier at 3 Michelin Star Royal Hospital Road by Gordon Ramsay

Though adventures were plentiful, the call of nature and the mountains proved irresistible. 12 years into his UK sojourn, he decided to fold his tent and make his way back to the Alps , balancing the hard work and dedication to the kitchen with the freedom and release of the slopes. It was here in Zermatt when he no ticed that he could bring his talents, spirit for adventure, and love for coffee together.

Gloria Pedroza

Gloria Pedroza is originally from Guatemala. There she started her coffee career as professional cupper and quality manager working at the coffee export company of the Neumann Kaffee Gruppe back in 1998. In 2003 she moved to Veracruz, Mexico and continued her work in quality assurance for the company. In 2004 the journey continued and landed in Zug, Switzerland where she has been living since then. There she works as Quality Manager at NKG Quality Service, where she comes to cup coffees from around the world.   

Gloria has 20 years of experience in the coffee business, always working in the quality assurance for green coffee. As head of the NKG Quality Service department, she is in charge of training cuppers and quality managers within the NKG coffee companies. The department also offers consultancy services related to quality assurance procedures, product development and green coffee and sensory training for customers and third parties.   

In 2006 she won the SCAE World Cuptansting (Coffee tasting) Championship. As professional Cupper, she travels around the world visiting coffee farms and judging international barista competitions and its different disciplines. Today she is certified SCAE (Specialty Coffee Associati on of Europe) trainer for green coffee and sensory skills courses and is certified Q-Arabica and Q-Robusta Grader and Q-Arabica Trainer.     

  • SCAE 2006 World Coffee tasting Championship Winner    
  • SCAE Green Bean Trainer and sensory skill    
  • SCAE Q- Arabica Grader    
  • SCAE Q- Robusta Grader    
  • SCAE Q- Arabica Trainer  

Matt Winton

Matt found his passion for coffee in Australia, working with and learning from  some of the best baristas in the country. He didn’t work full time until moving to Switzerland in 2016, after making a career change from Aircraft Avionics Engineering.

He’s worked as a barista, head barista, and trainer in several specialty coffee shops where his passion and knowledge can be shared with others. Most often found behind the counter at MAME and 169 West.   

Matt’s passion extends to all facets of the coffee industry, he loves brewing, espresso, latte art, roasting, education, work flow, cafe design, equipment maintenance and spreading love! His love for coffee and spreading the word of seed to cup us evident as soon as you meet him.

Matt is currently ranking at number 7 Barista in the World. 

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